Hastings Storytelling Festival 2017

Line up
Mon 6 Nov: Global Storytelling CPD Workshop with Lis’n’Tell & 18 Hours | Deool – Bollywood Movie
Tues 7 Nov: A Heart at Sea by Half a String | Umi Sinha – Author talk
Weds 8 Nov: Kathakali Storytelling: Kala Chethena Co with Delaine Le Bas & Juliet Russell’s Vocal Explosion
Thurs 9 Nov: Lauren Child
Fri 10 Nov: Curry Cabaret | Lightweight by Impossible Theatre
Sat 11 Nov: Bhangra Dance Workshop | Benjamin Zephaniah and the Revolutionary Minds supported by Theresa Lola
Sun 12 Nov: Children’s Storytelling Carnival Day and Parade, inc. Richard Storybeard, Half a String, Kala Chethena Kathakali Co,  Circu Rum Baba, Out of the Bag, Idolrich Puppet Theatre, Sujata Banerjee Dance Co, Wild Tapestry, The Dhol Foundation, Carnival Network South, Sambalanco, Pan Up Steel Band, Wycombe Steel Orchestra