Global Education Training

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Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning
(Free training)

The British Council’s CCGL (Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning) programme, launched in 2018, supports schools to learn about the big issues that shape our world.
Mandy and Ruth are Local CCGL Advisors and can support your school to apply for funding to facilitate visits, events and training as part of the Connecting Classrooms journey.
We can work with schools in Kent, Sussex and Surrey.

You can apply for funding as a cluster of schools or one-to-one school partnership.

Global Teacher Award (Free training)

This nationally recognised course promotes skills, confidence and practical approaches to incorporate global learning into the curriculum, and active global citizenship into the school.

Endorsed by Oxfam and approved by the British Council for delivery within Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning programme, this six-hour intermediate course is free to state funded schools for teachers of all phases and subjects.

  • Global Concepts – exploring the fundamentals of global learning
  • Perspectives – questioning pupils’ and teachers’ assumptions
  • Approaches to Learning – developing critical thinking skills
  • Applying learning – in the classroom, the curriculum and beyond
  • Measuring change – tools for evaluating impact

This course is available fully funded for your whole staff team.

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