18 Hours has always been committed to embedding sustainability, both in our own organisation and in the events we manage. See our Environmental Policy

We are currently setting out sustainabiity benchmarks, targets and key actions for the period from 2021-2031.

These will be available to view here shortly.

Energy consumption during events can have significant environmental impacts, contributing to carbon emissions, resource depletion, and increased waste. Events, whether they are concerts, conferences, or festivals, often involve extensive use of lighting, sound systems, HVAC systems, and various electronic devices, but here is how we choose to minimise all of that for our events:

Power Consumption
Minimal lighting used, or LED lighting where possible.
Rare/non-existent screen use at events.
Low heating where necessary

Local events – minimal travel for local and out-of-town residents.
Nearby public transport pick-up/drop-off locations and bicycle lockup points.
Minimising travel to essential trips
Travel alternatives such as video conferencing

Efficiency in washing up after events
All waste water gets reused wherever possible

Environmentally friendly items are used wherever possible (reusable and recyclable)
Continual research on ways to reduce waste