National Children’s Carnival Week

UK Centre for Carnival Arts 


18 Hours and the UK Centre for Carnival Arts’ aim is to have schools across the UK celebrate Carnival together.

Carnival artists all round the country put together an amazing package of activities to assist in teaching curriculum topics using the magic of carnival.

The theme ‘Once Upon a Time’ inspired children through the creation of costumes and props that tell stories, accompanied by dance and music for a celebration that provided uplifting experiences and radiate the warmth and camaraderie that everyone desperately needs.

Each school can choose how to stage their carnival event, i.e. an assembly, class bubble carnivals, all school carnival parade with parents invited and, of course, teachers on parade. It can be a day of short sessions in dance, music, lyric writing, and creative making, or a comprehensive project lasting several days across the term, with a celebration day at the end.

For more information and resources please visit UKCCA

To create a book wagon with your pupils, Radiator Arts have put together some easy to follow instructions.
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