Quality or Quantity: Measuring attitudinal change

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October 2013 – January 2016

This project is funded by the European Union and developed by RISC.

As a regional Development Education Centre, 18 Hours has worked with teachers from Hastings on the ‘Quality or Quantity Project’. The project encourages students to see themselves as part of a wider / global community where their actions and choices have an impact on the circumstances of others. It does this by:

– working with a team of local teachers to develop tools and exercises they can use to embed global awareness across the curriculum
– exploring attitude and understanding about Global Citizenship among their pupils
– providing teachers with training to integrate global awareness into their learning environment

The programme included practical exercises to stimulate discussion, reflection and understanding around local and global issues such as equality, wealth and labour distribution, poverty, conflict, justice and the environment.

Participating teachers received a free resource; RISC publication ‘How Do We Know It’s Working?’, which contains activities to measure attitudinal changes in pupils. Teachers received advice and supported learning from an expert team who are passionate about ensuring diversity and sustainability are woven through the curriculum. They also benefited from being at the forefront of this highly significant and rapidly evolving aspect of contemporary education.

The group still meets meets around once each term, to plan, share and give feedback on the ‘Quality or Quantity’ activities from ‘How Do We Know It’s Working?’.

This project was a unique opportunity to explore, test, improve, comment and learn together to strengthen the good practice already taking place in schools.