Quality & Quantity

What are the benefits?

As part of this group you will receive a FREE Resource; RISC publication ‘How Do We Know It’s Working? This contains activities to measure attitudinal changes in your pupils. These activities have been used successfully with Brighton Schools interested in global education for the last few years.
You will also receive access advice and supported learning from an expert team who are passionate about ensuring diversity and sustainability are woven through the curriculum.

What is the commitment?
We anticipate the group meeting for a ‘twilight’, around once per term. This meeting will plan, share and give feedback on the ‘Quality or Quantity’ activities from ‘How Do We Know It’s Working?Strengthen good practice
Some of you may be familiar with this resource but, as a new project for Eastbourne, this is a unique opportunity to explore, trial, improve, comment and learn together to strengthen the good practice already taking place in your school.
What’s next?
We’re suggesting a group get-together before half term to introduce ourselves, the project and resources.
Please click to let us know if you are interested and free at the end of the school day, the week beginning 21st November? Which evenings are possible for you?