The Global Learning Project (GLP)


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Helping your school inspire pupils by deepening their understanding of global issues

What is global learning?
Global Learning is an approach to learning about international development through recognising the importance of linking people’s lives throughout the world. It encourages critical examination of global issues and an awareness of the impact that individuals can have on them.

The Global Learning Programme
(GLP) is a ground-breaking new programme which helps schools to deliver effective teaching and learning about development and global issues at Key Stages 2 and 3.

Why take part?
Schools participating in the Global Learning Programme (GLP) will experience the exciting impact that knowledge and understanding of global learning can bring to pupils’ learning across the curriculum. The GLP will also help schools develop an ethos promoting tolerance, fairness and respect.

What does the GLP offer your school?
The programme provides schools with the support needed to help pupils learn about the challenges our world faces and to think critically about how to deal with issues such as poverty, inequality and sustainability.

This support includes:

  • Free peer-led training events provided by GLP Local Advisors and Expert Centres
  • e-credits to pay for teacher professional development
  • Online Whole School Audit and Action Plan tools to help identify strategies for developing global learning
  • Curriculum guidance in key subject areas mapped to the new National Curriculum
  • An on-line tool to assess pupils’ global learning
  • Easily-accessible and GLP-approved resources
  • Action research opportunities through the GLP Innovation Fund
  • Opportunities for schools to become GLP Expert Centres

How to sign up

  • Sign up to the Global Learning Programme until 31 March 2015
  • Spend your GLP e-credits until 31 July 2015

To join the Global Learning Programme and find out more:
Go to You will get £500 of e-credits to spend with Global Learning providers such as 18 Hours (The Development Education Centre for East Sussex).

Choose a course

You can spend your e-credits on our courses, including: 

  • Whole Team Approach to Global Learning with Global Teacher Award. DownloadWhole Team Approach This is our most popular course: The GTA is accredited by Liverpool Hope University and teachers who complete the course take their award with them from school to school.
  • Global Learning with a focus on Environmental Sustainability. Download Environmental Sustainability
  • How do you teach about Africa? Download Africa
  • Teaching whole school ‘Themed Weeks’ e.g. ‘Africa’, ‘International’, or ‘Eco’. Download Themed weeks
  • How do you teach stories from global cultures responsibly?Download Global Stories

Courses can be:

  • Full day or twilight sessions.
  • Tailored to meet your specific Global Learning priorities.
  • Booked by individual schools or by a group of schools who have pooled some or all of their e-credits.

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