Streets of Rother 2019

Sat 27 April (Bexhill): Sea Sphere by Show Globe | Dick Danger Dives into a Bucket by Bongo Bolero| The Seal by Circo Rum Baba | Inside Out Theatre Group | Drumskullz | Dolly Delicious
Sat 4 May (Battle):
The Dodo by Dizzy O’Dare | Dress Circle by Circo Rum Baba | Magical Butterfly by Amy Amelia Arts | Pan Up Steel Band | Kiki La Hula
Sat 25 May (Bexhill): Yeshe the Yak by Thingumajig Theatre | The Whizzers by Circo Rum Baba | Emmanuel the Magnificent | Section 5 Drummers | Kiki Lahula
Sat 1 June (Battle): Car Crash Wedding by Gary and Pel | Bouncing Bunnies by Grand Theatre of Lemmings | UK Africa Acrobats | Battle Youth Street Theatre | Raven Drummers | Dolly Delicious



‘Very well organised & very funny acts!’

Audience member, Bexhill

‘Love coming out on the streets with other families to see great shows!’

Audience member, Battle