Streets of Rother 2022

The free annual street art festival is back with an impressive new line up! We’ve upped the ante this year with new and exciting acts. Come along and experience a whole new world of street art performances! 

Spontaneous – a real treat – fab!

Audience Member

Streets of Battle – Saturday 2nd April (11am – 3pm)

Levantes Dance Theatre

11.20, 12.45 & 13.50

Acrobatic high jinks above a tastefully laid tea table. Glittery cakes, theatrical costumes, colour and silliness.

Dan The Hat

11.40, 13.05 & 14.10

Dan takes you on a frenzied journey of skills and comedy, performing an array of stunts which will make you gasp in amazement.

Circo Rum Baba

12.05, 13.30 & 14.30

Approach Madam Grizelda Zsa Zsa Duchamp’s black lacey window for a tongue-in-cheek, spoof, public consultation.

Inside Out Theatre Company


Students from Battle and Langton school perform their own street theatre show mentored by Inside Out Theatre Company.


11.00 Performance from Section 5 Drumming Group

Very well organised & very funny acts!

Audience Member, Bexhill

Streets of Rye – Saturday 30th April (11 am – 3 pm)

The 2 Men

The Wardens
11.20, 12.20 & 13.25

No one is safe! They have been empowered with the jurisdiction to enforce any rule or law they see fit. Watch out or you may find that you end up with a ticket!

Fair Play Comedy

Ron and Don
11.35, 12.35 & 13.25

The loveable East End rogues are here to help. From executive car ‘acquisition’ to a nice little line in last night’s hot tickets.

The Grand Theatre of Lemmings

Cod Choir
11.50, 12.50 & 14.10

Dripping wet deep-sea fishers display their latest catch. But these horribly real fish are no ordinary cod…

Amy Amelia Arts

The Magical Butterfly
12.05, 13.05 & 14.30

Bringing a big splash of colour and enchantment to the day. Her contact juggling will leave you mesmerised.

11.00 Performance by Ryebellion Drummers

Love coming out on the streets with other families to see great shows!

Audience member, Battle

Streets of Battle – Saturday 7th May (11 am – 3 pm)

Creature Encounters


11.29, 12.30 & 13.50

Meet the adventurer Captain Jon Voyage and his beautiful dinosaur, Odysseia the Parasaurolophus, torn from the pages of a Boys Own Adventure and Ship Wrecked on our shores.

Circo Rum Baba

1066, What Women?

12.10, 13.00 & 13.30

Previewing a new show created for Puddings and Pathways. A light hearted look at forgotten females of 1066.

Natalie Gathi

Show and Hula Workshop

11.30 & 14.10

Natalie Gath performs a short but exhilarating show and teaches you some wonderful and easy hula hooping tricks

Half a String

The Puppet Van – The Lost Colour

11.50 & 11.40

A vibrant joyful explosion of colour in an energy fuelled show full of clowning, puppets, and paint.

Inside Out Theatre Company


Students from Battle and Langton school perform their own street theatre show mentored by Inside Out Theatre Company.


11.00 Performance from Raven Drumming Group

Streets of Bexhill – Saturday 28th May (11 am – 3 pm)

Dulce Duca


Extravagant and absurd, these talented roller skates mix dance, circus, live painting and comic moments

Safety Catch Theatre


Meet your new front line medical service. BESSIE, the ex-NHS Ambulance rocks the latest in Artificial Intelligence.

Strong Lady Productions


Give your laughing muscles a workout with this celebration of feminity, strength & being different. This is a relaxed performance

Inside Out Theatre Company

Students from Active Arts Hastings and Bexhill Mencap society perform their own street theatre show mentored by Inside Out Theatre Company.


Performance from Dende Sama Drumming Group

Plus look out for Dolly Delicious in Battle and Bexhill!