After Dark

After Dark is a dazzling, light arts festival that began in Bexhill and is now touring further afield, showcasing the finest illuminated street arts.

As the sun sets and the stars emerge, be ready to step into a world of illumination at the After Dark festival. This mesmerizing night festival is a symphony of light and colour that will leave you stunned while transforming the night into a canvas of vibrant hues.

Watch in awe as a procession of illuminated floats winds its way through the heart of the festival. Each float is a work of art, adorned with countless twinkling lights, shimmering LEDs, and intricate designs from mythical creatures to intergalactic voyages.

Wander through a world of kaleidoscopic colours as you pass through areas bathed in multicoloured light. Interact with installations that respond to your touch, movement, or voice and watch as your gestures bring them to life.

Don’t miss this chance to be part of a nocturnal celebration that turns darkness into an extraordinary adventure. Remember to bring your family and friends to be part of this unique experience!

Please see below for our After Dark locations and for more information on what will be happening. The next After Dark festival will be taking place in Bexhill on Saturday 27th January 2024. See you there!