Hastings Storytelling Festival 2018

line up
Mon 5 Nov: Carpark Life by Gareth E. Rees
Tues 6 Nov: Out of the Hat by Long Nose Puppets
Weds 7 Nov: Gender Stories by Mel Elliott and 18 Hours
Thurs 8 Nov: Everything Stops for Tea | A November’s Day by Thingumajig Theatre | Otherworld by Majik Door
Fri 9 Nov: Inua Ellams’ Hastings Midnight Run
Sat 10 Nov: Axel Scheffler | Otherworld by Majik Door | Everything Stops for Tea
Sun 11 Nov: Children’s Storytelling Carnival Day and Parade


It’s eight years since Hastings Storytelling Festival emerged as a small (and very hungry) festival. Since then it’s munched its way through hundreds of surprising, diverse, delicious stories and it’s getting bigger!