Hastings Storytelling Festival 2020


Thank you to Kevin Graal for his latest beautiful story, produced in March 2021 for Hastings Storytelling Festival and Read Your Way Hastings

Most of Hastings Storytelling Festival 2020 was online. To see the films, visit the website

Line up
Mon 19 Oct : Xanthe Gresham Knight: Plum Heavies (online event)
Tues 20 Oct: Xanthe Gresham Knight: Re-Member (online event)
Weds 21 Oct: Xanthe Gresham Knight: Lashings of Cream (online event)
Thurs 22 Oct: Xanthe Gresham Knight: Sticky Buns (online event)
Fri 23 Oct: Gareth E Rees: Unofficial Britain (micro live event and online event)
Sat 24 Oct: Dan the Hat (live socially distanced event)
Sun 25 Oct:  Children’s Book Carnival and Wagon Parade (online event)


It was joyful, fun-filled, full of energy, jokes, wisdom, profundity and numinous beauty all mixed up together like egg batter. I loved the mixture of video performance and live conversation’

Audience Member at Xanthe Gresham performance

I loved how you facilitated a new type of interactivity, I felt watched & watching, always involved. The subject matter was brilliant as was the facilitating of the event

Audience Member at Gareth Rees

As we live in Yorkshire we would have not been able to attend this event. Being online gave us access to a wonderful talk. I hope you continue to stream events like this even when lockdown is over.

Audience Member at Xanthe Gresham performance